Glasyr - protective glaze 100ml - HS 3405300000

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A gift from the gods, a deep rich glaze and protective layer that will rival any modern sealant in-one.

Glasyr = Glacier = Rock hard, very slippery and as clear as glass.  

This buttery soft finishing glaze is easy to apply with a microfibre pad (something like the Gnugga). By filling light scratches it will visually improve marring and swirls by up to 90%. Whilst this isn't a permanent fix for paint defects, it is going to improve the overall gloss dramatically. The added benefit is that this uses the same sealant technology as found in Pärla, so it is going to leave behind a long lasting hydrophobic coating for incredible water behaviour and drying capabilities. Forget hype and buzzwords like 'ceramic infused', this protects the panel and adds a truck load of gloss without the need to baffle you with pseudo-science. Simple as that. Expect about 4 months longevity from Glasyr and be sure to decontaminate before application.