BFCM #2 (Core Four & More Four)

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An intensive kit for deep cleaning your car... serious detailing starts here.

Whether you've just taken ownership of a car, or simply think it needs more attention after a year or so of maintenance washes, this kit gives you what you need to really strip the contamination from your car's paint and give it a full 'deep clean'. Make no mistake, this is proper detailing - not just a quick spray and rinse.

To enhance the finish of your car afterwards, and to ensure that it is protected, we also include our superb polish and spray sealant.

Bubblor - High gloss shampoo

Skära 500ml - our gloss enhancing polish

Silke - Gloss enhancing quick detailer 

Pärla 500ml - spray sealant, to protect your hard work and keep the car cleaner for longer

Hjul 500ml - Colour changing wheel cleaner, used here as a 'fallout remover' to chemically strip the paintwork. 

Gummi - Satin finish tyre and trim dressing

Glas - Professional glass cleaner that actually cleans, & doesn't just flash off. 

Tjära 500ml - Tar and bug remover

Individual combined cost £86. Kit price £60. Saving £26.

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