Snöstorm - snow foam lance v2 with quick release (Karcher K-series fitment)

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The Stjarnagloss Snow Foam lance is here... Snöstorm.

With a wide base and opening, Snöstorm has two huge benefits over traditional foam lances.

Firstly, it is less likely to 'topple over', being stable enough to stand up on its own. Anyone with a traditional lance will know how annoying this is, and how likely it is to damage the thread on the dosing bottle.

And secondly, it can be filled up far more easily. (We still suggest filling the litre dosing bottle 90% with water first - to prevent foaming the mixture up prematurely - but now you reduce the chance of covering your hands in snow foam concentrate when you fill it up.)

Simple changes to the conventional lance, admittedly, but both help to improve the foaming process and make it far less frustrating.

Of course, some things don't change. You still get the traditional adjustments for mixture and compression - the top knurled tap allows you to change the aeration/viscosity of the foam whilst the nozzle collar adjusts the foam concentration and spread (wide, thick foam to narrower, thinner foam).

And it now comes with a Quick Release connector, adding even more versatility and convenience to the design - along with a unique 'self righting' action. Because the Quick Release swivels freely, your lance is always upright, even if you tilt the pressure washer gun.

Karcher K-series bayonet fitment with Quick Release connector (for other pressure washers you will need a suitable female G1/4" adaptor, available from the usual marketplace retailers). You may also require some PTFE tape on the threads when assembling the attachments (supplied).

Please note that this lance works best with 130bar+ pressure washers (e.g. Karcher K4/K5; low pressure machines like the Karcher K2 may not yield full/thick foam).

£38 or £45 with a 1L Snö.

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