Matt Wash Kit - citrus pre-wash, matt shampoo, matt detailer, wash mitt and drying towel

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A specialist finish needs a specialist wash.

A complete wash kit for vehicles with matt or frosted bodywork, whether painted or wrapped. Contains the main detailing supplies and accessories you will need (apart from a couple of buckets!).

First up is Forst, a 1 litre citrus pre-cleaner spray. This limonene fortified TFR will help break down the dirt before you even start your main wash, helping prevent swirls and making the whole process a little easier. Just spray on then rinse thoroughly with water, before you pick up your...

Matta shampoo 500ml, a dedicated wash that rinses clean to leave a residue free original finish. No gloss enhancers here... just top grade surfactants.

You'll be using Matta with our Lurvig microfibre wash mitt, a gentle way to apply shampoo solution during your twin bucket wash. With soft microfibre pile, it's the perfect way to delicately remove dirt from bodywork and it won't be able to fall apart like its natural wool counterparts.

For drying, reach for our thirsty 60x60cm Törstig microfibre drying cloth. Pat, sweep, fold or scrunch your way to perfectly dry panels with this 1000gsm double sided towel - all whilst minimising marring thanks to its soft, deep plush pile.

Then, for the final touch, use a little Mörk matt detailer spray (100ml). Spot contamination, smears or finger prints can be gently lifted without accidentally adding any unwanted gloss.

Contains Först 1 litre, Matta 500ml, Lurvig wash mitt, Törstig drying towel, Mörk 100ml. Individual combined cost £50. Kit price £45. Saving £5.