Skönhet - Slay the Day spray air freshener - HS 9616101000

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SLAY THE DAY. It's one pump away with Skönhet. 

This sprayable air freshener emanates a fragrance that's a cross between the Williams sisters, Queen Bey and Marilyn Monroe. From Cleopatra to Thatcher, it's QUEEN in a bottle.

Not only does it smell like a Maldives private villa but we went one step further. Yes, that is real silver flake and those are the internet's finest diamantes. A genuine sprinkling of luxury goodness in each bottle. No glass or tin foil around here. 

OTT? Absolutely! Do you deserve it? Of course you do, baby girl... 

Treat it much like a bottle of perfume, two sprays a day in the footwell; but don't over-saturate the carpets... it won't last any longer, it will just smell stronger. Less is more. But you knew that, unlike the snoring lump that calls you his 'Mrs'.  

Comes with guaranteed SASS, a resting bitch face that will leave the office mansplainer lost for words and an attitude that reflects your dazzling personality.


Lasts approx. 6 months of daily use.