Matta - pure shampoo 5 litre - HS 3402909000

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A specialist car shampoo that can also be used on matt finish cars.

Matt or ‘frozen’ finishes require careful maintenance to prevent them gaining an unwanted shine. Much like ceramic coatings. 

Our Matta shampoo is a highly effective pH-neutral wash that rinses clean to leave nothing behind. So no more cheap silicone gloss from high street shampoos.

The residue-free formula also means you can use it on your windscreen without having to worry about using a glass cleaner afterwards, and it can be used on regular paint without issue as well.

It may be a specialist product, but it’s incredibly versatile.

Need a dispenser tap for your 5 litre container? Add one to your basket here. Please note that thick shampoos can take longer to dispense from the tap and that the nozzle may drip a little after use if the container is stored on its side.