Fingerborg Twin Pack - 2x foam wax applicators - HS 9603409000

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Snug fitting foam finger mitt for unrivalled application of waxes, sealants and dressings.

Microfibre is too absorbent and wasteful for waxes, and some dressings simply go on better with a soft foam.

Our Fingerborg finger mitt is a hand-stitched foam applicator that allows you to ‘feel’ the application process as you coat your car with a wax or liquid sealant/dressing quickly and conveniently.

No awkward shapes to hang on to, or to blow away… and no foam ridges or edges to mark soft paint. Our Fingerborg is made from the softest 110ppi ivory foam with an internal seam.

To clean, massage neat washing up liquid into the foam under a running tap. Then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

This pack contains two Fingerborg foam applicators.