Bubblor - pH-neutral pure car shampoo 500ml - HS 3402909000

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The luxury car shampoo, suitable for all paint finishes - whether gloss, satin or matt.

Could Bubblor be the finest car shampoo on the market? We'd like to think so. It's a pure detailing shampoo made from the highest quality surfactants with no added gloss enhancers, making it suitable for all finishes - whether gloss, satin or matt. And you can use it on exterior glass without worrying about smearing or streaking. How to use? Just dose a bucket with a capful or three, apply with a mitt and rinse off... it foams like crazy and won't affect previously applied wax or sealant layers due to its pH-neutral formulation. Also, Bubblor contains limescale inhibitors to reduce water spots and because it's a concentrated formula (recommended dilution of 1:800 with water) a little goes a long, long way - offering unrivalled value for money on a cost per wash basis. Luxury, quality and ease of use... welcome to your new go-to shampoo.

Dilution ratio: 1:600 heavy soiling/hard water, 1:800 regular maintenance wash, capful approx 6ml (so 2-3 capfuls in a large bucket).