Cav's Ibiza closing parties 01/10/22

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Come and join us for one last rave before Winter strikes!

As always we don't take things too seriously, we just want to have some fun, meet some people. Talk cars, detailing & everything in between. 

Naturally, we want to make these a regular thing so we must ask you not to drive like you are on a Gymkhana. We have neighbours who we would like to keep happy. 

Please try not to arrive before 09:45am Show cars to the right, no showing cars to the left. There will be a couple of hi-vis people pointing you in the right direction.  

There will be food, TBC.

Tickets are per person.

Come and enjoy the bangers, grab some product, live demos, cool cars and amazing people. 

Address: CM22 6JX Unit 10

Love Cav x

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