Kappsäck - Essential detailing holdall - Trade Case - HS 630710

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The stylish detailing bag that does more, much more. 

Tired of generic black bags to store your favourite detailing products? We bring to you our newest offering. The Kappsäck; intelligently designed to safely secure your bottles and cloths. Difference is this one won't bore you to death. 

Housing 8 x 500ml bottles and 2 x 1L bottles. On the opposite side 3 large pockets to store hard waxes, clothes and brushes. Leaving lots of room in the centre for a machine polisher or a pair of Jordans, the choice is yours. 

Lastly it has two zips to the main compartment, the inner for quickly grabbing something from the top and the outer for a 'all day' detail, giving easier access to everything. 

Trade case of 10 bags (35% POR) .

MSRP per unit inc taxes £40 / 50 EUR

Cost per unit ex taxes at 35% POR = £21.66

Kappsäck SKU = STKS1 EAN = 5060209267197
Case 10x Kappsäck SKU = C10STKS