Decon Kit - TFR, tar remover, wheel cleaner and clay kit - HS 3405300000

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When your car's really dirty - or just needs that major clean every few months.

Tree sap and resin, iron fallout, insect remains, tar spots, water marks, bird mess... the list goes on. Contamination is abundant and the longer it's left on your car, the harder it becomes to remove.

Whether you want to give your car a thorough clean before a layer of wax, its annual 'spring clean' or just remove some spot contamination, this kit's for you.

Först is our supremely effective citrus Traffic Film Remover (TFR). General grease and grime won't stand a chance. Just spray on, leave to dwell for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It can even be used neat on stubborn marks.

Now let Tjära take care of tar spots and insect remains. It's a strong solvent that you use sparingly - even the smallest of squirts will see tar streaking and bug residue dissolving. 

Hjul is our pH-neutral colour change wheel cleaner. Once again, you simply spray on, leave to dwell, then rinse thoroughly. It removes more than just brake dust... we've added strong surfactants and even a little solvent for a more thorough clean. Don't forget Tjära on your wheels - you'll find they collect quite a bit of tar.

Finally, we've included our Lera clay bar and Glir clay lube to remove embedded contaminants that may be invisible to the naked eye. Clay after you've rinsed the car and it's still wet - ensure there is no tar remover or other solvent on the panel as this will dissolve the clay. Then simply use Glir to glide a section of clay over the bodywork, using your finger tips. You'll see the contamination captured in the clay and feel the panel becoming smooth as the trapped particles are removed. Never clayed before? Don't worry, our clay bar has full instructions in the label.

Contains Först 1 litre, Tjära 500ml, Hjul 500ml, Glir 500ml, Lera clay 150g. Individual combined cost £58. Kit price £48. Saving £10.