IK Sprayer - chemical resistant 1 litre spray bottle - HS 39235010

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Chemi-resistant sprayer for long term detailing performance with all products.

Since introducing 5 litre sizes of our most popular products, we've had people ask for a spray bottle to decant them into. Now, we do one litre bottles and we do sprayheads, so we could put one together. But we think the best in the business for a dedicated spray bottler are IK Sprayers.

The 'Black' IK Sprayer is a 'heavy duty' variant, designed for professional use with the most aggressive chemicals in mind. In technical terms, it's suitable for solvent based products, oils and petroleum derivates, and alcohols.  It is also suitable for acids, alkalines and ketones. What that means is that you can load it up with Forst TFR, Hjul wheel cleaner or Tjara tar and glue remover and it will spray on and on and on, without dribbling or seizing up. 

As well as a comfortable trigger system, sturdy base and an adjustable nozzle, it has a strong translucent tank with a level indicator and a 'content identifying system' (that's a posh word for label) to make this sprayer the best in its class.  

1 litre capacity. Please note that colour of sprayhead may differ from that illustrated.