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How we took the complication out of Wheel cleaners.  Everybody loves seeing there wheels bleeding purple, it feels like chemistry class all over again, but you are the professor. But are Iron fallout removers the only thing you need you need to clean your alloys? In short - NO! Alloy wheels pick up so much more than just brake dust during day-to-day driving, so why not use a detergent? Detergents won't touch bedded-in brake dust.  So what is the cost effective way to tackle alloys? Combine the two and add some solvents to attack tar spots? Makes sense right? We think so...

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What is Först and why do we think it is so important?  Först is a citrus based pre-wash riddled with orange oil which acts as a natural penetrant, lifting mud, traffic film and other debris from paint work.    Why is this so important?  The more dirt and grime we can remove from the car before the contact wash stage the better. This will ultimately reduce marring and keep paint glossier for longer.  With any contamination left on the paint, when the wash mitt is moved around the panel you run the risk of putting 'swirls' in. If you can...

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