Björn to detail? Apply for exclusive sponsorship today.

We're looking to sponsor the best show cars, whatever scene you're into. We obviously love a Euro/Scandi look, with a bit of retro or backdate thrown in... but air or static, American, Japanese or European, get in touch and tell us what you've got, how many followers you have and what shows you attend. If your application's good enough, you may walk away with one of our exclusive Fjul Can sponsor kits. And no, you can't buy one - you have to have a car that earns you one.

We're after the best scene, show and race cars to represent our brand exclusively at events in UK, Europe and beyond.

If your car is something special or captures the Stjärnagloss ethos or brand better than your regular build, get in touch with full details of your car, your social media following and the shows you attend via our contact form.

You could get a unique Stjärnagloss Fuel Can full of detailing products if you're one of the chosen few. These can't be purchased - they can only be gifted or earned.



Terms and Conditions

Please note that sponsorship is strictly limited; we apologise in advance if your approach is unsuccessful. Fuel Cans cannot be legally bought or sold and remain the property of Stjärnagloss in the event of sponsorship terminating. Products inside the can must be used for sponsorship purposes only and may not be sold. All sponsored vehicles must be exclusively sponsored by Stjärnagloss and Stjärnagloss sticker/livery must be displayed. No other car care manufacturer's sticker/livery may be visible on sponsored cars. The Fuel Can must feature prominently in social media and promotional activity surrounding the sponsored car, where practical and possible. One Fuel Can per sponsored individual only. Fuel Cans cannot be damaged or defaced and lost Fuel Cans must be paid for at £150 (can only).