Wheels Kit - wheel cleaning spray and brush, tar remover, wheel sealant, tyre dressing - HS 3405300000

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Complete wheel cleaning in one kit.

Forget about a simple wheel cleaning spray and scratchy brush, at Stjärnagloss we do things properly.

This Wheels Kit gives you far more than just an effective colour-change wheel cleaning spray (the pH-neutral Hjul 500ml).

You'll also get a full 500ml of Tjära to remove tar spots - these often pretend to be spots of brake dust - for a complete clean. Wheel weight residue can often be removed as well.

The Hjul can be effectively deployed in combination with our soft microfibre wheel brush, Grävling. It is thin enough to fit inside most spokes, yet fat enough to actually carry cleaning solution and make contact with the inside of your rims.

After the wheel is rinsed, you can protect it with Pärla spray protectant - a high temp wheel sealant that's simple to apply. Just spray onto the wheel surface and buff to a level shine. This will help keep your wheels clean in the future and make them easier to clean when they do become contaminated.

Finally, there is 100ml of Gummi tyre dressing, that you can apply to the sidewalls of your wheels with the black foam applicator supplied.

Contains Hjul 500ml wheel cleaner, Grävling - microfibre wheel brush, Tjära 500ml tar and bug remover, Gummi 100ml tyre and trim dressing, Pärla 100ml spray sealant, black round foam applicator pad. Individual combined cost £55. Kit price £48. Saving £7.