Dispenser Tap - 51mm for 5 litre containers - HS 3926909900

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Go with the flow - make decanting easy from your 5 litre container.

If you have a Stjarnagloss 5 litre container you'll know that measuring out the right amount of product can be messy. One glug too far and it's on your workbench, shoes or floor. That's a waste of product and time consuming to clear up.

Our Dispenser Tap makes life far easier. Just screw it onto the 5 litre container, tip the container on its side and decant product when you need it - with far less mess.

It's chemical resistant so it works with strong chemicals like Forst but note that thicker liquids (e.g. shampoo and snow foam) may take longer to dispense - and may also drip a little more as product is left in the nozzle after the tap is closed.