Förmögen - Luxury Overnight Backpack - HS4202929100

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This is only for the most successful people... for the type of individual that is just livin' for a living. 

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The latest offering from Stjarnagloss has barely anything to do with car care, yet it's something nearly every person that goes to a car show needs. An overnight bag. And what better way to show you've arrived - in life, not just your destination - than with this. The ultimate in luxury and style. A monogram design, tons of compartmentalised storage pockets, a custom drawstring dust cover. This isn't just a bag. It's a lifestyle, fit for a king or scene queen. Also included are an exclusive 100ml Haxeri air freshener and Stjarnagloss brass key ring. These two items are not available to buy separately; only those with a Förmögen back pack can experience them.

Förmögen = stinking rich, caked, living your best life.