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Gifted to the best show cars in the UK, representing Stjärnagloss.

Money can't buy the Stjärnagloss Fjul Can. Even if we could put a price on it, it's not for sale.

You can only earn a Can by representing the Stjärnagloss brand at shows with a spectacular car.

If your unique build is on - or about to hit - the road, or you're tired of your current sponsor, get in touch via our contact form.

Please note that these Fuel Cans are strictly limited, so we will only be able to sponsor a fraction of the cars submitted.

Contains Snö 1 litre snow foam pre-wash, Bubblor gloss enhancing shampoo 500ml (or Matta for matt finish cars on request), Skära polish 500ml, Silke detailing spray 500ml, Gummi tyre and trim dressing 500ml, Glas glass cleaning spray 500ml, Tjära tar and bug remover 100ml, Inni interior cleaning spray 100ml, Först citrus pre-wash 100ml, Pärla spray sealant 100ml, Limited Edition Fjul Can Fantastisk hybrid wax 100ml, Stjärnagloss air freshener, Stjärnagloss vinyl sticker.