Glass Kit - cleaner spray and specialist glass cleaning cloth - HS 3405909000

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Effortless cleaning of glass and mirrors, inside or outside the car.

If you've ever experienced streaks or smears when cleaning windows or mirrors, it's likely to be down to one of two factors (or both!) - a poor glass cleaner and an unsuitable cloth. We address both points in this kit.

Firstly, we give you Glas 500ml, a professional quality glass cleaner. One wipe on dry but dirty glass will see effortless removal of contamination to leave a crisp, sparkling finish.

This is used in combination with our special Rutig waffle weave microfibre glass cloth (40x40cm). The texture and construction of this cloth has been carefully specified to not only be absorbent, but to clean glass more aggressively than standard microfibre.

Contains Glas 500ml, Rutig 40x40cm glass cloth. Individual combined cost £15. Kit price £12. Saving £3.