Glatt - protective rinse aid 100ml - HS 3208201010

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Water repellent rinse aid for coating your car quickly via spray bottle/pressure washer.

Applying spray sealants using a hand sprayer, pressure washer dosing bottle or foam cannon is one of the fastest ways you can protect a car; it also helps rinse water run off the car after a bucket wash to keep water spots at bay.

To use, simply wash your car (two bucket method please!) and rinse. Leave wet – don’t dry – then apply Glatt (50ml in a 1 litre hand sprayer, or mixed 1:10 with water in a pressure washer dosing bottle or dedicated snow foam cannon). It won’t foam, but it will cover your car in a hydrophobic coating that will help water and contamination run off the bodywork (minimising water spots), and even prevent contaminants from sticking to it in the future.

After applying Glatt, rinse with water and dry with a soft microfibre cloth (or cloths). Don’t use your finest drying towel as it may become water repellent over time; use some smaller buffing microfibre cloths if you need to.

Why buff it dry? If you don’t, you may be left with streaks and smears as Glatt is a strong sealant - these will need to be removed with a strong solvent or machine polishing session, so it’s best to avoid them in the first place…

But once you become familiar with Glatt and how it works, you’ll love it. The shine and water behaviour is outstanding for a coating that takes mere seconds to apply.

Please note that we only recommend the use of a dedicated snow foam cannon for applying Glatt, i.e. a foam cannon only used to apply rinse aids (not your usual snow foam one!). It is a strong sealant and will interfere with the mesh filter in most foam cannons, preventing them from foaming or working properly in the future. Use a hand sprayer if concerned. We cannot accept any responsibility for the failure of snow foam lances used with Glatt.