Hjul - wheel cleaning bucket with dirt guard - HS 3926909790

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The safe wash... just got safer. 

Everyone knows that the two bucket method (2BM) is the safest way to wash your car - take wash solution from the Wash bucket, then dunk into the Rinse bucket to remove the dirt, before taking fresh wash mixture from the Wash bucket again. Easy - and effective. Now we've turned up the safety dial by adding a wheel bucket, too. 

Our robust buckets come with metal handles (with plastic grips for comfort) and hold 20.5 litres at maximum capacity (you'd usually fill to 16-17 litres or so). This wheel bucket comes with a black dirt guard bucket filter and Stjärnagloss Hjul ('Wheel') vinyl bucket sticker to prevent any confusion during the wash process.

Contains 1x semi-transparent 20.5 litre bucket with metal handle (no lid), 1x black dirt guard grit filter, 1x Stjärnagloss Hjul vinyl bucket sticker (black).