Hjul wheel cleaning Bucket - 1x buckets with dirt locker - Trade Case - HS 3926909790

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The safest and most stylish way to wash your car.

The safe wash, just got safer. 

Everyone knows that the two bucket method (2BM) is the safest way to wash your car - take wash solution from the Wash bucket, then dunk into the Rinse bucket to remove the dirt, before taking fresh wash mixture from the Wash bucket again. Easy - and effective. No we can turn up the safety dial by adding a alloy wheel bucket in there too. 

Our robust buckets come with metal handles (with plastic grips for comfort) and hold 20.5 litres at maximum capacity (you'd usually fill to 16-17 litres or so). We'll also provide 1x black adjustable dirt locker and Stjärnagloss Hjul vinyl bucket sticker to see any confusion.

Contains 1x semi-transparent 20.5 litre buckets with metal handles (no lids), 1x black Scratch Shield dirt barriers, 1x Stjärnagloss Hjul vinyl bucket sticker.

Trade case of 12x bucket kits (25% POR). Buckets and accessories may not be sold separately.

MSRP per unit inc taxes £18 / 23 EUR

Cost per unit ex taxes at 25% POR = £10.80

Twin Bucket Kit - 1x buckets with Dirt Locker (wash and rinse) SKU = STKTWB1 EAN = 5060209266282
Case 12x Hjul Bucket Kit - 1x buckets with Dirt Locker Hjul SKU = C12STKTWB1 EAN = 5060209266299