Interior Kit - cleaning spray, upholstery brush, glass cleaner and cloths - HS 3405300000

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Treat your interior. Quite literally.

Clean hard and soft surfaces inside your car, from head to toe (or should that be headlining to carpet?). Inni is a general purpose cleaner used on hard surfaces like dashboards and trim that leaves a natural finish, and it also doubles up as an effective fabric, leather and carpet cleaner - especially when used in combination with our Viskelaer brush. Glas takes care of interior glass and touch screens, and there's also an air freshener and a couple of cloths (use the Rutig cloth on glass and for removal of heavy contamination, use the Fluffig cloth on more sensitive finishes). 

Contains Inni 500ml, Glas 500ml, Viskelaer fabric and leather brush, Fluffig buffing cloth, Rutig glass cloth, Stjärnagloss card air freshener. Individual combined cost £45. Kit price £40. Saving £5.