Kappsäck - Essential detailing bag HS 4202929100

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The stylish detailing bag that does more, much more. 

Tired of generic black bags to store your favourite detailing products? We bring to you our newest offering: The Kappsäck; intelligently designed to safely secure your bottles and cloths. The difference is that this one won't bore you to death. 

Internally, on one side there are holders for 8x 500ml bottles and 2x 1L bottles. Opposite you'll find 3x large pockets to store hard waxes, cloths and brushes. Leaving lots of room in the centre for a machine polisher or a pair of Jordans, the choice is yours. 

Lastly it has two zips to the main compartment; the inner for quickly grabbing something from the top and the outer for an 'all day' detail, giving easier access to everything.