Protection Kit - protect bodywork, wheels, trim and side glass HS 3405300000

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Achieve all-over protection for your car.

Getting a car clean and shiny is one thing, but preserving the finish and protecting the paintwork from the elements is quite another.

Luckily, this kit takes care of this preservation and protection stage quite neatly, using just two products.

Firstly, there's our ultra-durable hybrid wax, Fantastisk. Containing natural carnauba as well as synthetic sealant fortifiers, it's arguably the best paste product on the market today. We'll even include a Fingerfitta foam finger mitt to help you apply it.

You can use Fantastisk as a wheel protectant (it is heat resistant so won't be degraded by brake temperatures), or you may want to opt for Pärla spray sealant instead. 

Pärla is massively versatile. You can treat the side glass, rear screen, plastic trim, metal trim and exhaust tips, as well as the wheels. Just spray on and the buff to a high shine using the Fluffig buffing cloth supplied. It can even be used on paintwork as a top up or alternative to Fantastisk if you're short on time.

End to end protection - and with a saving, too.

Contains Fantastisk hybrid wax 100ml, Pärla spray sealant 100ml, Fingerfitta wax applicator, Fluffing microfibre buffing cloth. Individual combined cost £59. Kit price £50. Saving £9.