Stjars Sample Kit - 4x100ml best sellers HS 3405300000

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A great introduction to Stjärnagloss.

Four of our best selling 'stjar' products in convenient 100ml bottles. Sample them first, then keep them in the glovebox later. You'll get:

Bubblor 100ml, our gloss enhancing shampoo. You'll get more than a few washes out of this tester bottle.

After washing your car, you'll apply Skära 100ml polish to remove minor swirls and add gloss. 

Then treat the exterior trim and your tyre sidewalls to Gummi 100ml. It will leave a satin sheen that's dry to the touch after curing and buffing.

Finally, Silke detailing spray 100ml will be your 'go to' product for gentle cleaning and minor maintenance of the finish. Great for removing small marks and blemishes that remain after a wash, and highly lubricated to prevent contamination causing swirls if used for a quick wipedown at a show.

Contains Bubblor 100ml, Skära 100ml, Gummi 100ml, Silke 100ml, Stjärnagloss card air freshener. Individual combined cost £24. Kit price £18. Saving £6.