Silke - High Gloss quick detailer 5 litre - Trade Case - HS 3405300000

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High gloss quick detailer to gently clean and dress hard surfaces, inside and out.

Mild cleaner for paint? Check. Satin sheen dash spray? Check. Gloss enhancer for post-wash bodywork? Check. Yes, Stjärnagloss Silke really is that versatile. Once you see what it can do to paint, plastics and other hard materials (whether inside or outside the car) you’ll be using so much of it, so often, that you’ll swear the bottle has sprung a leak! Solvent-free and safe to use on PPF films and gloss wraps.

Will need decanting into a 1L empty spray bottle before use. 5 litre container has a 51mm neck for fitment of aftermarket taps/dispensers/pumps.

Trade case of 4x 5 litre bottles (30% POR) or 8x 5 litre bottles (40% POR).

MSRP per unit inc taxes £38 / 45 EUR / $55

Cost per unit ex taxes at 30% POR = £22.17, at 40% POR = £19

Silke - high gloss detailing spray 5 litre SKU = STSI50C EAN = 5060209266794
Case 4x Silke - high gloss detailing spray 5 litre SKU = C04STSI50C EAN = TBC
Case 8x Silke - high gloss detailing spray 5 litre SKU = C08STSI50C EAN = TBC

See here for MSDS info.