Stjarnagloss Gift Card - give the gift of Stjarna - three denominations

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Give the Gift of Stjarna

Over the years, we've been asked more and more for Gift Cards, but we never got around to introducing them. Partly because they seemed a bit impersonal (your loved one just gets a code to use), partly because we never found a way to wrap them up with a nice card with Cav skipping on the front, and partly because we were worried the lower denomination ones would attract paid shipping due to the crazy courier rates to certain destinations. And who wants the gift of 'plus postage'?

But sometimes you know a recipient will choose a gift for themselves better. They have a bit of Stjarnagloss already, but they know what they have and you don't.

So here we are, with a gift card or three.

Little, medium and large (well, lovely, generous and ludicrous) all with free shipping to UK mainland addresses. They may still work for international customers, but shipping will be a factor. We recommend these for UK mainland recipients only. Please note that these Gift Cards don't give change; your recipient will need to spend them in one transaction.