Hjul - Colour changing wheel cleaner

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Hjul - Colour changing wheel cleaner

How we took the complication out of Wheel cleaners. 

Everybody loves seeing there wheels bleeding purple, it feels like chemistry class all over again, but you are the professor. But are Iron fallout removers the only thing you need you need to clean your alloys? In short - NO!

Alloy wheels pick up so much more than just brake dust during day-to-day driving, so why not use a detergent? Detergents won't touch bedded-in brake dust. 

So what is the cost effective way to tackle alloys? Combine the two and add some solvents to attack tar spots? Makes sense right? We think so too! Enter Hjul... 

We have completely re-engineered wheel cleaners and made it a simple and easy process, much like the rest of the range. 

Simply spray on, allow to dwell for 1 or 2 mins, and jet wash off. Some agitation may be needed on the barrels and heavily soiled wheels. 

Track cars fitted with soft pads may need a double application like pictured below.