The Worlds First Bagged Jaguar XK-R X150

The Worlds First Bagged Jaguar XK-R X150

Paul was one of our first sponsor cars and rightly so. He has a stunning car. Well modded and it looks truly stunning. We invited Paul down for a photoshoot to see it in the flesh and ask him a few questions. Here goes, enjoy: 


Age: 27

 Area: West Sussex 

 Job: Electrical Engineer

 Why a Jaguar?

 I've always admired the shapes of Jaguars, their sleek lines and beauty, ever since I first saw an E Type and my grandads garage I've loved Jaguars ever since!


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How long has it been on air and who did it?

It's been on air for 7 months now and it was by Jon at Intermotiv, really pleased with his work! 

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  Other mods/power gains:

 AP callipers, Carbon wheel, rolls royce style headlining, Full custom exhaust, smaller upper pulley and a remap making an additional 100bhp on top of the 500bhp


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What is your favourite car if money was no object?  

Definitely the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. Absolutely love that car

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What is your favourite Stjarnagloss detailing product?

I can't pick 1! Either the Silke, Sno or Gummi

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What product do you think we should add to the range?

 You have all bases covered, but maybe an interior scent spray? 


Thank you Paul, we will definitely think about the air freshener, good call!  

IG: @Pauledddy 

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