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There isn't a Black Friday blow out like a Stjarnagloss blow out and this year we are hitting it hard! 

The kit to really help you start achieving your detailing goals with Stjarnagloss.

It includes all the key products to bring your car's surfaces to the levels they deserve: 

Bubblor - High gloss shampoo 500ml

Skära - High gloss polish 500ml

Pärla - Spray sealant 500ml

Silke - High gloss detailing spray 500ml

Hjul - Colour changing wheel cleaner 1L

Gummi - Tyre and trim dressing 500ml

Glas - Professional glass cleaner 500ml

Inni - All purpose interior cleaner 

Glas - protection Glaze

Glatt - Rinse aid 1L 

Snö - pH balanced snow foam 1L 

Först - Citrus pre-wash 1L

Lurvig - Wash mitt

Törstig - Drying towel 

Stekare - rascal air freshener 100ml

Individual combined cost £218. Kit price £155. Saving £63.